Outdoor Venues - MS3 Open-Grid
MS3 Open-Grid tiles are specifically designed for year-round use in locations that are open to the elements. The playing surface rises above the base floor to help eliminate backsplash from puddles (tile dimensions are 12" by 12" in width and 1/2" high). Precipitation falling on the surface doesn't stay there long, since the tiles are designed to shed water. Likewise, the specially textured surface provides maximum traction in rainy and wet conditions. Players competing in rain, sleet and snow need a surface that will stand up to the abuse. 

Incorporating FlexGrip© technology to eliminate leg fatigue and enhance peak performance, MS3 Open-Grid tiles are the best choice for outdoor venues, providing maximum playability in any condition. 
Click here to view the MS3 Open-Grid Spec Sheet

Outdoor/Indoor Multi Court Open-Grid Smooth Surface:
Our Multi Court Open-Grid Smooth Surface tiles offer an alternative to our Flex-Grip tiles and solid top tiles. They can be used during any season, indoors and outdoors. Commercial and residential uses include but are not limited to family backyard courts, tennis, volleyball and basketball.

Indoor Venues - MS3 SolidTop
Now one of the most sought after multi-sport surfaces in the sports surface industry, MS3 SolidTop tiles offer the same FlexGrip© technology to help reduce stress caused from rapid impacts, starts, stops and direction changes. The unique, solid-surface composition provides a smoother, friction-free contact, as required by the high-tech plastic wheels on high-performance inline skates. 

In addition to Inline skating, MS3 SolidTop is the perfect surface for Street Hockey/Dekhockey, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball, as well as numerous other applications. MS3 SolidTop tiles lay flat and are conveniently sized for setup and quick removal (like the Open-Grid, SolidTop tile dimensions are 12" by 12" in width and 1/2" high). Their smooth surface and flush contact points leads to fast action with no more "puck chatter". 
Click here to view the MS3 SolidTop Spec Sheet

Installation & Maintenance
MS3 surface tiles are designed with a special locking system that allows for quick, easy installation. In fact, the initial installation can usually be completed in less than two days on most surfaces (a standard 160' by 80' rink may take less than one day). Non-break flexpins offer a strong locking system for temporary installations that need to be set-up quickly and uninstalled frequently. Since the tiles are designed to snap and lock together with ease, no special tools are requires, either for installation or maintenance/replacement. 

Standard cleaning efforts work fine, since the MS3 surface sheds dirt and resists stains. No special cleaning solutions should ever be required (we have found that readily available "orange" cleaners work great on the SolidTop indoor flooring products). 

Reliability & Durability
Made from the highest-quality synthetic materials and using our exclusive manufacturing process, MS3 flooring tiles are virtually wear-proof. Our formulation results in UV resistant tiles that are backed by a 12-Year Limited Warranty. Athletes will enjoy MS3 flooring long after the purchase date. 

Readily available for both interior and exterior surfaces in light blue, dark and royal blue, teal, bright red, hunter green and yellow. MS3 tiles can be further customized in any Pantone color (minimum quantity required). Pricing varies with the quantity needed and financing options are available. 
Click here to view the MS3 Tile Color Chart

The Surface that Grows with You
Practice makes perfect. Players that practice on an MS3 Flooring Surface are one step ahead of the game, since it is also the chocie for the USA Hockey Championships and WBHF World Ball Hockey Championships (as well as the international inline event at Disney's Wide World of Sports since 2006, and countless others). Chances are, you've played on one of our courts already, and loved it!​

Workshop Flooring
Indoor Sport Flooring Leominster Ma
Indoor Sport Flooring

MS3 offers a 12 year limited warranty. Playability for the customer is our #1 concern, we want balls to bounce right or a ball to slide perfectly, and for the athlete to be able to get excellent traction for quick starts and stops. 

The perfect blend of comfort and durability helps create the best indoor or outdoor tile. 

MS3 tiles are perfect for any sport and various applications, (Dekhockey, Ball Hockey, Street Hockey, Inline, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball...) and (Gymnasiums, Garages, Basement and Workshops...)​

Just Play!



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